I. International Journal of Taiwan Studies

1st Prize Indigenous Studies US$ 600

J Christopher Upton, MOST International Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for World Austronesia and Indigenous Peoples, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, Legal Indigeneities: Identity, Authenticity, and Power in Taiwan’s ad hoc Chamber of Indigenous Courts

2nd Prize Arts and Humanities US$ 500

Szu-Chin Chih, University of California, San Diego, US, ‘Trans-Editing’ Chinese Poetics in A City of Sadness

Merit Award (Arts & Humanities) US$ 300

Min-Erh Wang, University of Oxford, UK, the Commodification of Cold War Ideologies: The Reception of Casals in Japan and the Sinophone World in the Post-Cold War Era

Merit Award (Social Science) US$ 300

Simona Grano and Helen Wu, University of Zürich, Switzerland, Serving the ‘China Dream’? Taiwan as a National Object in Cross-Strait Communication

Merit Award (Social Science) US$ 300

Frederic Krumbein, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel, Explaining cross-strait relations with regional integration theory

II. East Asian Journal of Popular Culture

Judges Recommendation Award for Junior Researchers US$ 350

Aidan G Lee: University of California, Berkeley, USA, Game of Empire: Baseball, Assimilation, and Representations of Japanese Taiwan

Interdisciplinary Achievement Award US$ 450

Grace Cheng-Ying Lin, John Abbott College, Canada, Menacing or Innocent? The Image of the Yingling in Modern Taiwanese Media Culture

JJ Zhang (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Hardina Ohlendorf (Mahidol University International College, Thailand), The Not-So-Great Rapprochement: Taming and Consuming Chiang Kai-shek in the Era of Cross-Strait Rapprochement Tourism

Choice Award for Originality and Innovation US$ 450

Jacob Tischer, Boston University, USA, Panmemic Inoculation: How Taiwan Is Nerfing the Pandemic with Cute Humour

Merit Award US$ 300

Yayu Zheng, University of Southern California, USA, Dialogue on Display and Identity in Construction: GagaOOLala, Queer Taiwan, and Queer Asia

Yen-Zhi Peng (University of Hawaii at Manoa (graduated MA) and Hsin-I Sydney Yueh (University of Missouri, USA) (co-authors), Mountain Gods and Sakura Shrimp: How Japanese Moe Anthropomorphism Influences Taiwan Consciousness